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It is our company's specialty to provide complete sets of evaporation and distillation units for customers

Wuxi Hengyi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private technology manufacturing company, specializing in the research and manufacture of various evaporation equipment. It integrates scientific research and production. It has accumulated rich experience in development, design, manufacturing and use. Successful examples and evaporation data of a variety of materials have been accumulated. We hope that our products can provide complete services to all customers.

  • As a professional manufacturer, providing customers with complete sets of evaporation and distillation equipment is our company’s specialty
  • Choose the evaporation form and surrounding configuration system that matches the material for you, and meet the needs of users is our aim
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MVR evaporation
Multi-effect evaporator
Multi-effect evaporator for wastewater treatment
Short path distiller
Scraper thin film evaporator
Film short-range complete set
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